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On last night’s live edition of Battle Rap Arena on 15 Minutes Of Fame RadioNorbes leaked the Ultimate Freestyle Friday card for Season 2 on BET‘s 106 & Park. Much like last year, the Ultimate Freestyle Friday tournament will feature URL’s upcoming talent from the Proving Grounds. This year’s tournament features Ty Law,Prez MafiaDanny MyersAh Di BoomSnoHA DoubleJay Rell and KG The Poet.

Norbes said that they will be allowing fans to come to the tapings this year, and you can expect more of a typical URL vibe to the tournament. He also said that the battlers will be given more time between battles, instead of filming the whole tournament in two days like last year. You can see the scheduled battles for the first round, below.

First Round Of The Ultimate Freestyle Friday Card For Season 2

  • Ty Law vs Prez Mafia
  • Danny Myers vs Ah Di Boom
  • Sno vs HA Double
  • Jay Rell vs KG The Poet


  • hushington

    how you going to not add illanoiz to the card …im confused…

    • Anonymous

      Illinois vs Jimz

      • E

        The hottes pg battlers have been illanoiz , kg the poet, ado boom and sno. But illa got snub that ps..

    • arsonal

      no mr. wavy???

  • niyon

    Danny myers??? really?? no illanoiz or mr wavy or steams?? smack you be bugging with ya set-ups brah

    • Canin

      Mr. Wavy or steams, but illanoiz, idk. But Danny Myers a beast, check out Danny Myers vs rum nitty, in top ten battles this year

    • Anonymous

      For the nigga hating on danny myers shut that shit up. Nigga had the battle of the year with Rum Nitty, he deserves to be on that UFF more than anybody else. Niggas still stuck in the 90’s with that west coast, east coast shit. fuck outta here.

  • ohgod

    Good card. Myers, KG Da Poet, Sno, Farty DI BOOM. I like it.

  • Grindmode

    it takes two parties to get it cracking…mabye illanoiz or mr wavy did not want to be part of uff bruh…we dont know…this bout to be nice tho



  • maccmaiin60

    lik tha card a lot bkut it could c bketter tho put tha locc on tha card mr.wavy and stems thew will kill them all 40^

  • Anonymous

    wow smack no kg the poet or steams cmon smack

  • Stenhouse

    Danny myers earned his spot. He’s my pick. Prez just faced mr wavy. Sno, Pres & jay rell took steams, mr wavy & illanoiz spot.

  • waiting

    Ill be waiting for the uncut versions.

    • Anonymous

      watch it on tv too, for support… you mark!!!

  • Jay

    Ty Law gonna win

  • brian

    im not a fan of this card whatsoever. I understand yall want the pg cats to get there shine but this should have had half the pg cats vs a new class. half these dudes have already battled each other any way. so we more than likely going to see a bunch of battles we already seen before and whoever wins wont be much of a surprise a few battles in. what a waste of urls pull with bet.

  • Anonymous

    This card is crazy…i wanted to see ha double vs kg the poet, but it’s a bunch of cats who could cause others problems

  • klark kent

    Prez mafia bout to catch some bodies

    • lois lane


  • bK RONIN

    steams vs mr wavy should be on here,smakc you messed up #realtalk

  • Anonymous

    Everybody sleeping on ha double I see….don’t be surprised when he wins the whole thing


    Final 4:

    ty law vs danny myers

    prez mafia vs ha double

    where’s showoff and steams at?!?!

  • E

    Wheres d gunna?

  • Brixxxx

    Can I Go To This Event??

  • James Beadle Jr

    Imma go straight left side on the first round card…


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