Unbias Review | Cortez Addresses Fan Reaction to Total Slaughter as Related to URL

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Battle Rap vet Cortez recently took to battle rap’s most popular FB group, Unbias Review, to voice his opinion on what he seemingly feels is the fickle nature of battle rap fans after the announcement of Slaughterhouse’s Total Slaughter battle card and reality show. A quote from the MC is below.

“I sat back and watched this group for the last 24 hrs to see all reactions about the Total Slaughter Trailer. It’s sad but the credibility in this group is being lost and it’s because ya gossip and worry about issues that y’all create in ya heads! I was with SMACK & BEASLEY yesterday at BET and we spoke about “Total Slaughter”.

URL isn’t going anywhere!!! Stop creating this image that URL is gonna lose it’s spot! It’s definitely NOT! The show was an amazing look and was an opportunity for us to get bigger exposure! The artist on the show have all put in YEARS of work for the battle culture! It’s a 8 man tournament with a wildcard surrounded around those 2 main events and it gives an insight on how we all prepare!

The world will not only see the glamour and the big stages with cameras, you will see us at low moments, depressed, stressed, angry etc… But y’all creating a hype as if SMACK fell off! He’s one of the greatest influences EVER & his face is a stamp for the Battle Rap Culture!! ‪#‎NOME4‬ We all in!!! It’s gon be a success and then what? Ya gon gossip about some other stupid shit?? This group is for us to connect with y’all but don’t create an atmosphere of just shock posts!

URL is #1, KOTD #2 THEN ITS UW ETC… Total Slaughter is just a more in depth look into us with only a few hrs prep & to show how difficult it is & how we handle it BUT it will never match to a 3 minute, 3 rd URL battle with weeks & months prep! SMACK IS SAFE! TOTAL SLAUGHTER IS AS WELL! We All Winning!!!”

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