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Part of the buzz in battle rap lately has been the announcement from Murda Mook on Angryfan Radio this week that K-Shine is no longer a member of the legendary battle rap staple, Dot Mobb. The problem is that Shine ostensibly found out at the same time, and in the same manner, as everyone who follows the culture did.

Some are saying that how Mook delivered the news is irrelevant because they feel that K-Shine had already passive aggressively removed himself from Dot Mobb, while others argue that Shine stepping away to build/establish another brand doesn’t necessarily mean that he can’t still remain a member of Dot Mobb.  Mook stated that there are no issues between Shine and the Dots, but Daylyt was quick to release a diss track to Shine when the news began to reverberate through social media, which drew the ire of some who questioned who is Daylyt to interject himself in this manner while he himself is currently a member of both Dot Mobb and Writer’s Bloque simultaneously. Is Daylyt a hypocrite? Is he “properly” repping both brands in a manner than K-Shine should have, or is he doing what Day does best and that is to find a way to attach his name to a current issue to help further saturate his brand. Honestly, a case can be made for it being all of the above at once.


Rain’s comments are found below. Does he have a point? Hit the polls to vote.

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