Uncle Snoop Speaks On Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Control’ Verse

“I don’t know why ya”ll thought this n*gga was gonna be friendly just because Kendrick has a backpack. He might have an AK in that backpack.”

Thisis50 & Young Jack Thriller recently caught up with Uncle Snoop.

Snoop Dogg talks about people thinking New York is soft, Kendrick Lamar’s music being played all over, Kendrick’s “Control” verse, Kendrick taking the rap game over without him and Dre, being in that same position at the Source Awards & much more!

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  • DollarBILL

    Yea Unk Snoop!! Well said.. That’s y I mess with this dude!! Lol like he said naw Kendrick not a gangsta but he have a 100,000 gangstas with him so WATCH UR MOUTH! lol lol thats real… Nuff said

  • Meech Montana

    Snoop said some real shit and explained on that interview how shit really is. O.G. Cant knock it.

  • Diamond Jim

    NY aint never been soft and never will be. Think shit sweet if you want, they act on the west like they the only ones with gangstas & ogs. Yeah, well said but its a flip side to that coin, all the time that Badboy and Deathrow were beefing Suge was going upside Snoops head, that’s why he was so aggressive at the Source awards.

  • WolfInSheepsClothing

    This shit has gotten blown Waaaay outta proportion. Everybody who was born in the 70’s know NY is the Mecca of hip hop. Niggas need to quit catching feelins over a few bars, that’s hip hop, being braggadocio. All in all, rap is a sport. Niggas are being very unsportsmanlike actin like hurt bitches. Don’t like it? Step ya bars up!

  • Karma

    Snoop was too real in this… and NY need a new king… Jay n Nas are og’s but like Snoop said, “this a young man sport” … NY need a new King, L.A. found theirs in Kendrick….

  • ME

    fuk that 100k gangstas shit, theres repercussions for that shit, talk it the way u walk it , if not dont speak like no doubt


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