URL Battle Rap Arena – BTS: Real Deal after his UFF Battle with Young Kannon

Syko talks to Real Deal about his first Battle on the URL / 106 and Park Ultimate Freestyle Fridays (UFF) 8 man Elimination Tournament on Black Entertainment Television (BET) that Airs This Summer every Friday 6pm EST



  • Sclass

    Niggas was hate n on young kannon that’s the only reason he won.

  • ohgood

    Get a mic of stupid negro.

  • mikejones

    @disqus_WnNvWGgec1:disqus niggas dont hate on YK, real niggas just dnt “feel” his bars connect the way another “street” niggas would.
    REAL DEAL Kicked Bmagics overrated ass…Content is how real deal beat the both of them


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