URL Battle Rap Arena: BTS – Reed Dollaz is Back!!!

Syko and Jesse Chop it up with Reed Dollaz after SM3 about his Comeback and Upcoming URL Debut against John John Da Don

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  • Unspoken Truth

    This should be a easy win for jjdd

    • U_mad_Brah

      You trippin my G. You look like the type of nigga that make a wave cap out your mama panty hose

  • barondebxl

    I fucks with Reed heavy,.

    • WTF?


      • barondebxl

        Stop and rewind. Only suspect niggaz use pause.

        • man91

          it doesnt make someone suspect for saying pause are you suspect

  • SinCityMadman

    Hopefully Reed’s style has evolved…if he comes withthe same style that use to get dudes by in the SMACK DVD era he’ll get killed. That repetitive gun line, no personals, no wordplay/cleverness style that sounds like a crappy gangsta mistake verse doesn’t cut it anymore…any 15yr old on the corner can do that shit nowdays. now, you gotta be clever, come with personals, entertain the crowd, come with wordplay…interchangeable gunbars that could be applied to anybody are amateurish compared to the schemes and lyricism of the current scene.

  • Eskino

    If any of you dumb niggas truly believe jj even has a chance stop watching battle rap reed dollarz don’t beat niggas he bites there fuckin heads off

    • ShawnFoxx5

      Pause lol

    • man91

      its a opinion it doest make anyone dumb for thinking jjdd going beat reed maybe your the dumb one but i got jjdd winning that battle

  • Special Ops

    I been watching smack I got my bread on reed he is philly savourer tech 9 is dead and bill collector don’t rap and e ness is trash so hopefully he can bring philly back

    • SLAME-O

      what about rone?

  • ferb420

    “Reed Dollaz? I got reeeal money.” Lol @ Tech-9

  • Carlos YoungSwag Wright

    lets go reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed

  • Edwin Stagg

    stage 48 is a rap summer madness first 48 classic

  • 8====D~~~~(.)(.) = babies

    back in the day reed was that dude . hes like tsu surf and ored put together . so raw .. he birthed many of these dudes out here..

  • buckshit

    lol anyone who thinks reed will get a body his first battle is retarded and have no respect for the difficulty of the battle rappers

  • GMO


  • trev

    reed prolly wont beat surf but rather reed aint been rappin for a minute or not he will kill jjdd

  • justmeopinion1111

    he’s been on break too long, he has to come out winnin battles, if not, he will be no different than canibus chokin. smack should go back to try outs or something

  • Joe Bell

    fuck a transition…. reed dont have to change shit! his style is different from those niggas, and thats wats its about… fuck trying to be like another nigga… u stand out when u different!!! Jhony gone have a hard time on that stage with reed… reed to street and wayyy to agrasive for jhony… I say thats a nice win and a nice come back for reed

  • Tierney Simmons

    Reed dollaz vs jj if this is really going down nov.3 I got much love for smack now…reed do your thing my nigga you did it then you can do it now fuck um

  • HazePo360

    I think reed will adapt to this shit.. This is what he does! I didnt battle in years and came right back into it killing niggaz

  • Tonia the beautifulone

    Reed is fuckin fire! Ain’t shit changed let’s get it Reed

  • Blaze219x

    WHEN ARE THEY GONNA LET REED BATTLE @streetstarnorbes @Queenzflip @SMACKWHITE ???

  • Blaze219x

    Good to see SMACK bring him back that’s luv! #salute


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