URL Battle Rap Arena has Aye Verb talking about Arsonal, Swave, Ill Will and more

Aye Verb is talking about His Arsonal Battle, Swave Sevah, Midwest Loyalty, Crew Love and more


  • Florida Boy

    #1 i aint on twitter but my cousin did send me the screen shots the other day of ill will saying fuck the midwest which is crazy to me. I feel Verb on what he saying how ill will is talented as hell but he dont need to get the big head early like some of them other niggas when he aint even hit the big stage yet. we all know its a big difference on that big stage and he right the new class aint put on for that big stage yet like the vets have
    #2 i think he wrong bout Chilla, even tho Chilla didnt exactly light it up vs DNA i still think he will be back on that stage again
    #3 He right the new class need to polish their craft and stop all that choking
    #4 fight back Jesse got damn he be roastin u lolllll

  • deehart

    Ohio claim NORTH COAST too

  • Jay Something

    Can’t stunt I did think QP would be better than he turned out. John John has become subpar, & B Magic was the underdog that is finally getting shine. & B Magic beat them both… Wassup with that Charlie Clips battle tho?

    A Verb is an entertaining interview lol

  • yeah

    Will is not better than Lotta Zay. What the fuck is wrong with yall


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