URL Battle Rap Arena has Beasley on the Show talking SM3


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  • rexchap

    Beasley, you are full of SHIT…..You SETTLED for this card because yall didn’t have the same business sense to MAXIMIZE the Lux and Hollow matchup! Yall are still rookies at this shit and you are blowing a GOLDEN opportunity! You have to SPEND money to MAKE money! Lux asking for 40g’s is NOT unbelievable! Yall strung Lux along and then you backed the fuck out cuz you couldn’t forsee the earning possibility! You niggas are going BACKWARDS…now selling LESS tickets……REALLY? Yall are going to lose all your top names REAL QUICK…….then this thing will be a WRAP!!! You’ll see!

    • zeekyg

      I hope you rich talking this bullshit you talking.lux don’t deserve 40 g hitman holla not only has more views but also match the 3’000’000 millions views lux got for one battle and he aint asking for 40 g smack doing good for his self summer madness and url was making money before luxs came back I dont want to see lux vs hollow smack u doing the right thing any niggabwith sense kn9es a building onlybhold so me people and its only b so much u can make and buy giving niggaz 40 g there would be no profit

      • Edwin Stagg

        hitman wasnt making headlines like loaded lux did come on cuz

        • zeekyg

          Lux been had exposure but the fame he trying to claim was already on the rise… most mold painstream people were already fans of battle rap. He nice but he aint worth 40k everybody want this big check ever since mook got 20k for that battle…. smack is world wide nigga dont understand smack is the top league other leagues from all over hire smack rappers to get they views up… to be perfectly honest mook had a better performance no chokes thecshit was boring ass fuck but he won clearly and when I re watched lyrically he was saying some shit he kilt iron at his on game the fans may not like it…. but iron career over…. lux getting to big headed he talented buy why pay him that when u can pay for a mainstream nigga for 10k more that guaranteed to get views I know a few mainstream niggaz who will get in that ring for 50k. And I listen to loaded lux battle a few times and it was okay he use verb and x factor angle props and videos which I consider a lack of orginiallity…. heva legends choking and using other niggaz angles shouldnt be excepted I know niggaz dont agree but for 40k I want to hear god like bars

        • Rexchap

          REAL IGNORANT! Absolutely CLUELESS! What are you like 20 yrs old?


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