URL Battle Rap Arena has Big Kannon Talking about Overrated MC’s in Battle Rap

Big Kannon joins the show to talk about His Battle with Lil Dave and O-Red, Overrated MC’s in Battle Rap, People Ducking Him, and more

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  • Florida Boy

    2 fuckin hrs…..yall better chop that shit up like yall been doing

    • myian barnes

      lol yezzur, he must have had alot to say on that bish

      • Florida Boy

        im a try and fast fwd through it when i get back to the crib

  • Tra

    How the hell Daylyt get on SM3 before Big Kannon?? You bugging Smack.

    • http://worldstarhiphop.com/ JAWZ

      Daylyt is hot.

      • IamAdonLegend

        That nigga trash

  • Tony Brown

    Big Kannon and O-Red are the best doing it right now

  • Ant

    Damn Kannon kinda soundin like a hater….I got all his mix tapes too…..i’m embarrassed

  • Shane Scurry

    even when jesse right they still come at him. Listening to this making me go back and really pay attention to big kannon. Never really looked at him like he was nice. Verdict coming soon

  • jay

    Some of ya niggas be buggin smh. Kannon been dum nice. I been a fan of his since he beat Heartless. Go back and watch his battle against the nigga headlining sm3. Kannon won that battle


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