URL Battle Rap Arena has Bigg K talking about SM3, Ill Will and his Future


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  • scrooge

    wonder why cats not talkin about charron dissing smack in his battle vs dna wd4 saying sm3 is a flop or clips barz about smacks blog maybe they haven’t seen the battles yet. Now i wanna see bigg k vs ill will more than ill will vs tay rock but i do think tay rock has earned his spot on the card. HERE IS THE bias STUFF again (be consistant with what u complain about (for example) “choking” if this is the issue then fans will accept will support that but when u rag on kshine and bigg k for it and then praise lux when he does it it sends a bad message (they may not say it but believe me they think it) or like saying choking and then kshine is on the card?? Even lux had a come back outta this world and left fans satisfied but the words choke and being prepared should apply to everyone legends and all when u guys see charlie clipz vs hollohan u will see what i mean remember, people only pretend not to see bias……men

    • God Aweful

      All that has to be said about the “choking” bias is X Factor. Dude used to fuck up battles and as soon as he had some clean battles, he was top tier and people forgot. Then you got people that will call stumbles a choke if it is a battler they don’t like but call clear cut chokes a stumble with battlers they do like.

      • scrooge

        preach on dat broom god aweful u should have your own blog like cjcity i agree totally…..men

  • Rexchap

    Norbes, you sound like a jilted FAT bitch! HIP HOP has ALWAYS been about shock value and dissin! So what! NOBODY cares after the shit drops. Get over it!

  • Fuck smack and norbe

    Fuck smack


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