URL Battle Rap Arena Has Charron on the Show

Charron steps in the Arena for the first time to talk about Ill Will, DNA, Arsonal, and more.

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  • Florida Boy

    not bout to listen to this shit but Charron surprised me he had some shit for Ars in that battle

    • TipOfTheIceberg

      That whole Django freestyle/rebuttle was on another level.

    • True

      Ars got mad and started pushing and trying to intimidate him bc he knew he was losing the battle lmao. Shit was mad funny, you can tell he knew it was getting that work. Ars the most overhyped battle rapper the past couple years. He was suspect for a minute with avg bars, got better and then reached his ceiling.

      • Florida Boy

        yea that was wack how he hit Charron in the face with that paper but buddy was a pro he had a rebuttal for that shit too lol

  • TipOfTheIceberg

    Jessie meant Sharkiesha, not Shakira.

    • clash

      yea nigga sounded dumb ass hell for that, lmao

  • Truth

    Jessie Rican sound like a recovering alcoholic. Nigga reporting the news and shit like he on channel 5 pronouncing the wrong names and facts. Battle rap arena need to be like 15 mins.

  • AllMe

    Charron is nice, but he’s a bitch. Next.

  • Newark all day

    Arsenal got 3-0ed. I don’t have any respect for Ars he a fake ass gang member that started repping a gang at the age of 24 smh. A straight A college student that wants to pretend he some type of gangster.He so not relevant that he had to get a member of a opposite gang to protect him smh only in New Jersey. He felt comfortable picking on a white boy cause he use to being around them in school. But he wouldn’t dare try that shit with a street nigga. I bet $100 Ars never been in a fight in his life. The nigga on brother don’t even respect Ars he running with a nigga that Ars suppose to have beef with smh. Ars do the Math homie you equal up to a straight clown..

  • ohgod

    Ha. Ars picks on a skinny white boy. Strange he didn’t act so tough against Pat Stay. Charron has mad rebuttals and freestyle.


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