URL Battle Rap Arena has John John Da Don talking SM3 (FULL SHOW)


  • The Truth from a Battle Rapper

    John John said it perfect, folks talking crazy about bread, but then jump on KOTD or somewhere and get nothing close. I bet half of them lying, who the hell keeps getting messed over and coming right back. URL didn’t have no problems to Lux tried to extort Smack, now it’s monkey see monkey do. My biggest problem is that dudes bitching, then go somewhere else for less money. I don’t see a mass exodus bc they know Smack paying more than anyone and they collecting their bread. If not then they wouldn’t rap on ULR. Independent Contractors don’t free work.

  • red ink

    smack not paying enough…everybody shouldent have the same pay rate…ppv was a good idea…beats me buying a ticket to New York…they getting more views less pay

    • zeekyg

      Man everybody shouldn’t get paid the same amount… but know nigga on url is worth 40k even on ppv…. you have to think about this mainstream rappers dont even make that to perform sometimes and they pack more than 10000 people in a building and if u ever hired a rapper to perform you would know this…so why in the fuck would anyone pay lux 40k and he came off a subpar performance you gotta realize alot of money is generated but at the same time even more is tooken out to pay everyone just say lux 40k right hollow get like 10 and than if u were to put surf holla concieted etc… allthese big names clipz dna that would easily be around like maybe a 120k in rappers alone not to mention venue security filming lighting man its alot of money tied in to this shit and at the end of the day it a business look at smack as a record label and these are his artist a artist doesnt get that much off a record the label makes the most it a business I wouldnt give lux that much cau s e people feel he worth in actuality he not meek would rapped for 50

  • zeekyg

    Last comment diz is ass….. diz is terrible he didn’t say nothing I think diz suck rex didnt do to well either but he 3-0 diz I think diz need to go back to grind time the nigga aint hot


    is that really john john? cause i swear he sound like a lil white boy on this


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