• PBM1986

    Long as Mickey got state pressence, he’ll kill the nigga…

  • City life

    Mickey is really delusional nobody knows you from battle rapping. If you ask me Danja Zone is giving you the break. He is very active in battle world. I got Danja catching a mean body after getting robbed on 106 and park he beat ill will clearly no debating.

  • Jnyce415

    Mickey is way to cocky that boy better be fire in that ring talking all that shit

    • Unspoken Truth

      U shouldq heard the rounds for big t go listen to 1 of em at the end of his untold story…he is gonna body danja

      • rexchap

        EXACTLY…these young niggas have NO CLUE bout the shit Mick is about to SPIT!!! He is gonna run lyrical circles around Danja.


  • killajing

    ive never heard micky spit im used to him jus in the back

  • notafanofcornyniggas

    lol smh

  • Mental_Liberator

    where the REAL battle, this league slipping hard. no one cares about battles you can’t see smh


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    RT @Slim_Jim_: 40 could've beat PC if it wasn't for the choke. I got PC 2-1
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