• City view

    Pass first off get a better phone dogg. Second don’t smoke before you’re interview takes away from you’re personality. But real talk you better than disaster and Daylyt put together so you deserve to be on that main stage no Proving Ground .

  • Andre Harris

    Cortez clearly beat Caustic. Jessie Rican is fucking retarded.

  • Andre Harris

    Pass needs to be on the main stage fuck a proving ground. This nigga battled Hollow da Don, beat DNA and K-Shine 3-0. If you say he didn’t you mad bias. Shine and DNA came with three rounds of name flips and Pass was hitting these niggas with personals, name flips, bars and the real shit. No way DNA or K-Shine won.

  • barondebxl

    Pass is a Cali legend, proving grounds??? Thats a joke. He is a top tier dude already. Classic with Hollow, he did beat DNA, debatable with K shine though but I think he got him 2-1.

    • IamAdonLegend

      Pass can win in Cali he goes to another state like up north niggas not gonna feel his shit.

  • A D

    Ionno if pass beat dna I have to watch it again..dna did good…and im not a dna fan…..but pass definitely beat kshine and hollow….hollow got a lot of fans…but real talk first time I saw the hollow battle I remember just feelling bad hollow lost…but then u read the comment everyone said hollow won lol……I thought it was prett obvious pass sonned hollow


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