URL Battle Rap Arena has Reign Man vs Norbes Live on the Air


  • Spokes

    Norbes is wrong and sounding real stupid! I don’t care what Norbes thinks, I’m a fan and I want to see Reign Man battle!!!

  • JHON


    • Jah Ruff I

      Check That!

  • joosejustis

    ReignMAn….. Norbez stop hating and give the man a shot. we have to embrace and guide the youth, but we should never discard the wisdom age.

  • bodybag

    Norbes is a hater riegn been nice

  • InTheClouds856

    Why do fat ppl always talk about their “opinion”? Nobody cares about your fu**in opinion.

  • Macmar415

    When I called into the show i told norbes this would happen. Speak your opinion from a business stand point and this is what u get.

  • InTheClouds856

    And another thing…smack needs some thorough, business minded ppl on the URL staff. Get these opinionated fuck boys outta here.

    • RogerBliddack

      ^^ That was Priceless. lol. Nicely done.

  • TruStory

    I’ve been following URL for some time now and I’ve noticed how Norbes attitude has changed during the years. I don’t know who the he thinks he is, but he’s still the same fat loser Verb dissed in his battle with Hoffa. Nigga dropped a couple of pounds and got some exposed now he’s thinking he’s cool or something LMAO nigga please.

    • InTheClouds856

      The nigga was cooler when he was fatter. Now hes just a fuckboy.

  • Quicker

    Question to Smack and the Urltv staff. How the fuck you bring Daylyt to the biggest stage in battle rap? Because he gets naked and you dumb mofos thought he was gonna take a shit on stage smh. But you sit here and try to down play Reign Man who been a beast lyrically for years and you want this guy to take some warm up battles first smh. Norbes need to go for real talking about he got more twitter followers than Reign Man that’s the problem with you nobody ass niggas. You make a couple of thousand bucks and get some people to follow you on a dumbass website and you dudes think you Diddy or JayZ all of a sudden smh. I enjoy battle rap arena a whole lot more when Norbes is not on there. I agree its time for Norbes to move on…

    • SNOOP

      Well Put @ Quicker. I Agree.

  • Ltrizz

    Norbes a hater. u would be in less trouble if u clarify if u talk as a fan or business.

  • Swagg

    Norbes you a fucking idiot. Why bring up twitter or social network when people hating on you just as much as you say they hating on him. The people that tune into the show are more legitimate than what people on a social network site says that haven been around the golden days of battle rap ie mook lux reed reign man. So you sound like the ignorant fat fuck like always. Arrogant without a reason.

  • Philly Musicman

    My question is who did Norbes or smack ever battle to say who can’t do what or who the fans want? Most of the battle rappers on smack didn’t even come from smack they came from Grindtime and Daylit is from the west coast and Diszaster so that show you that they are really trying to get people but they always over look Philly and other states. When Philly was the first to do it and always have to travel to New York to battle. Its only 1.5 million people in Philly but 10 million in New York lol think about it and they scares to come to Philly wow Philly did a lot for battle rap Reign Man and reed and etc now show the respect back

  • Yaw

    Who put Norbes in charge of this battle shit? Now he running around saying who should battle on url and who should not while at the same time trying to sell us on that whole jaz the rapper bullshit. Just because your fat ass put up a couple of grand with smack to get on does not make you an expert in this whole battle rap shit. FUCK NORBES. Lets get him the fuck out here.

  • Realer Dealer

    Yo y the fuck this nigga keep yellin Reed Dollaz Reign Man cant bang wit these niggas today?! These niggas rap now how Reed & all of them niggas was rappin back then WTF this fat nigga talkin bout these niggas undefeated in the battle game.

  • Darnell Godengineering Gary

    What is this talking about making like the older battle rappers cant adapt to these new battlers styles saying they not going to do well how fuck do he know the skill to write for a opponent

  • Jamal

    The fans have spoken.. Norbes kindly remove yourself from the show. Play a cheeko role..i dont ever want to see or hear from you again. Show 10 times better without norbes..annoying fat fuck.

  • Jnyce415

    I fucks with reign man after this video he was speaking some real shit and that nigga norbes stuck lol fuck boy

  • 5th n cambria

    Who is reign man? Im from philly and I havnt heard shit reed dollars ever said

    • Ref

      Norbes is that you?

    • Mr.Rude

      Stop breathing

  • Mr.Rude

    Its like Benny The Bull strolling up to Michael Jordan in the united center and saying “HEY BRO, NO DISRESPECT BUT THE FANS AINT FEELING THE WAY YOU DUNK ANYMORE”….Da fuck?.. Who the fuck are you?…LoooooooooL…

    Know your role chubster -_-

  • battlefan82

    I wanna see reign man and I am a fan

  • Speech2k6

    Serious jones didn’t have to take a warm up battle before sm2… So why should reign man? Bottom line niggas ain’t willing to stand in a target range when they don’t know what gun reign is bringing. Niggas is scared so then the excuses start.. “What kinda views” “you ain’t had a battle” FOH

  • 8====D~~~~(.)(.) = babies

    i couldnt listent o this … reign will put a hole in half of the url roster with no warm up . but i do agree he needs a warm up .. even lux needed one .


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