• Mr. Keith

    Huey Newton wasn’t the only Black Panther. What if Lux went dressed as Fred Hampton.

  • brooklyn true

    damn that was a bias review from Norbes. He was so emotional, damn Lux you really hit a nerve with this guy. Norbes shitted on all the panthers with this blog. This is why Lux is a smart man, he makes you take sides, and it is obvious what side the hollow followers are on. As a black man I ride with the panthers.

  • Longdistance stulla


  • Just Jay.R

    Norbes is biased as fuck…..dude is reaching beyond belief! This is a RAP BATTLE and the ONLY rap related mention of his on Hollow’s behalf is the ups bar! Lux had quotables for days in this battle, in EVERY round! And for the record, the Black Panthers were a much bigger movement than just Huey Newton….Lux had a Newton pin on his hat and this dude is acting like lux said he’s Huey P reincarnated or something lol….this is a RAP BATTLE to see whose pen game is better, who’s better at spittin that shit lyrically and Lux def did that imo…..and btw, if hollow was Tryna show lux that blackface wasn’t the actual “lost nigga” in the 3rd round like Norbes said, he failed miserably…he brought out an old man that did years in jail on to a stage in front of the world to start screaming and throwing up gang signs proving that he’s still a LOST NIGGA in the end….lol I know Hollow is your boy Norbes and if u think he won, cool, just come up with some much better reasons as to why…..

    • Just Jay.R

      Also, Huey was shot in Cali and that’s how he died lol…so yea, he didn’t die of a drug overdose Norbes….

      • H’D

        we dk that, almost every search engine has diff takes on how he died

        • Shotta

          What you mean that different search engine? Its a known fact that he was shot and killed this is not some theory about Jesus. The guy who shot and killed him even claimed self defense.

  • WHoose

    Why do you keep saying he is hewy? Hewy was not the only panther. how is that the main premise of you arguement? Norbes you sound hella bias my nigga

  • luckety

    man……thank you mr. keith…this nigga norbes actin like thats not possible…..

  • Kit

    Norbes was to bias sad to say but u sounded like a dick rider I say it was a tie

  • Rav860

    Norbes I usually listen to you. But what you said about hurry Newton discredits everything you will ever say. How you say this man O.D. When he was done forth in 89. I can’t listen to you for speaking blasphemy

  • Rav860


  • Brixxxx

    Lml Norbes Was A Lil Bais No Lie, A Battle Is About Over All (Barz, Delivery, Performance, Schemes Ect.) Not Clothes Lml

  • Double AJ

    Yeah that was biased from Norbes, but at least he said it was possible that he was biased. Huey Newton, Fred Hampton…..he came as a Panther, a party that stood AGAINST drugs and enslavement mentally to the things that kept African Americans down. And why is it that when Jesse brings up the money that HDD allegedly was paid, Norbes is like you cant prove that, making it like Jesses point was non existent, but then when HDD talks about Lux’s son allegedly not being taken care of, Norbes says it doesn’t matter if it could be proven or not…..Norbes, dont be two faced. I get it if you think HDD won, and thats cool, but dont contradict yourself. ANd Jesse likes what he likes. You might not think the lines he quoted was hot, but don’t say Jesse hasn’t made a point. He did, but you steady try to shut him down…I liked both and gave it to Lux by like a millimeter. It could go either way. And btw, I understand doing what you gotta do to support your fam, but Lux selling his CD’s and clothes on the street didnt send him to jail, like it did to Cal’s pops “linking up with BMF and making 40,000 on the street”. Respect to hustling, and not using the excuse, that I gotta do what I gotta do…….I could go on, but I’ma chill…….for now.

  • kit

    sounds like smack pays all his employes in smack

  • Woeson

    Smart because he makes you take sides? GTFOH! This nigga is a wrestler. If he so smart why cant he come up with his own angle to battle Hollow? Or Calico! I thought it was a good battle that could go either way but I thought it was a push. If I had to pick I would go Hollow. Funny how you niggas say y’all tired of gun bars or guys doing the same thing in battles like slow it down or multiple choice but this nigga has done the same thing in consecutive battles. Gimmick,signs,costume,preach,choke,try to attack the guy for what he believes they are doing to hurt the black community when he does absolutely nothing to help the black community! He smart because he is the magician giving you something to look at in this hand while the other is robbing you blind. Smart because he took a battle where he choked and stole the third round of Verb against Hitman and used it on Calico to get 40k in his next battle. Smart because he told you everything that is wrong with and in our community but not one solution to the problems and which one he is apart of but dress like a pastor and panther and you got his back. SMH! Keep it funky! This shit is to be taken at face value. Would love to see Lux leave all the WWF shit at home,show up in one of those extra medium lions den t-shirts he wears and get it cookin.

    • brooklyn true

      Your not smart enough to understand the solutions lux has laid out. Lux gave a choice between the buyer/seller, boss/worker. It is ok that you identify with being the worker and not the boss, but with that mentality you are lost. I would rather sell cds on the street, sell t-shirts on the streets than work for any man. I am a business owner and you should aspire to be the same. And only you can determine your worth. You have to ask for the check, nobody is going to just give it to you. I wonder if you have a job, or ever worked a job (no disrespect). But bosses do not just give raises out of the goodness of their heart. You have to demand it and you have to prove your worth. You expect lux to just sit silent and wait for URL to feel generous. In business it does not work that way, you have to seize the moment. And Norbes should know better, and not be salty. Acting like 40k is a ridiculous amount of money.

  • Woeson

    As far as the panther comment from Norbes, I think he wrong for that. You can find wrong in anything if you look hard enough. Some panthers were bad some weren’t.

  • rexchap

    Who listens to crooked head Norbes anyway??…this is the same niggas that said JAZ is top 5…ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dre

    Lux came dressed as a panther not Huey Newton. The Panthers was trying to stop the drugs from coming in to the Black communities but a few did get strung out on it. The panthers stood for up lifting blacks and against police murdering our youth. Being a fat Puerto Rican he wouldn’t understand that what black went through in the 60’s and 70’s. He needs to do his research about the panthers and not just Huey but the whole movement. This comes from the same man that said he doesn’t like DARK SKIN woman.

    • rexchap

      Bottom line is that they are salty at Lux and UW….cuz scared money dont make money and all their top talent is going elsewhere! i told people a few years back….EVERYTHING in Hip Hop has an expiration date on it….when niggas are thru with it and on to the next thing…battle rap aint no different…it’s on the down side of the hill now. Fuck Norbes….go eat some pollo

  • Lebron Hairline Restoration™

    Hollow won but not bc of Norbes’ dumb ass reasoning. How Norbes automatically decided to say Lux was Newton is beyond me, I thought it was just an overall Black Panther theme not him specifically being Huey.

    Hollow was the better overall battle rapper that night. He was more creative, had better points of attack, and had more versatility. Lux followed the EXACT same game plan he did with Calicoe but simply replacing the funeral theme with a Black Panther theme. Hollow won 2-1. Norbes lost 3-0 for thinking he’s smarter than he really is.


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