URL Battle Rap Arena Presents – 40 oz Jess vs Hood Apostle


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  • Macmar415

    40 Was in his bag with that 2 piece math vs serious bar!!

  • remsin


  • Dessy

    40 oz Jess my dude but you got to work on that delivery. And the other guy was nice to. He ready for a PG.

  • tycarterbk

    shit mad corny

  • SMH

    Jessie the type of dude who used to get picked on in school, found some cool friends, and did everything possible to stay in the crew. He the butt of jokes, get dissed, no one take him serious, and he just there for comic relief.

  • whatup

    This is hard to watch.jesse’s part.

  • whatup

    Jesse looks like that soft dude in jail that holds pockets and then snaps and hangs himself.

  • starks

    get em jess

  • blackassdre

    this battle was sponsored by http://www.nami.org

  • myian barnes

    Jess had the best bar of the battle with that Math/Serius line….besides duded bodied himself by going hard and it was still debatable

  • Guest

    that beat kinda ill.

  • sloth_shit

    that intro music rides

  • Cozzo36

    Still alot of work needs to be done here guys!!! Keep going!!

  • Jlove

    Nigga Jessie look like that Spanish Uncle that every hates to be around

  • Chuckychuck

    Jess sounds like fukin EOR, no personality

  • Bnews Theemcee

    i cut it off didnt get pass the 40 oz first round sorry it was terrible


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  • MR chillackaboo
    Y'all was but y'all wasn't headlining remember this your first one https://t.co/4TBAO303yL
  • John John Da Don
    Like are we really surprised some of these bloggers got some weird shit goin ok their lives? Really?
  • #MrMaryland
    Like Bills... don't nobody talk bout that shit online 😩🤦🏾‍♂️ https://t.co/IxZwqqwrvT
  • John John Da Don
    That's what most people go on the internet for, to hide what's really goin on!
  • John John Da Don
    Who cares if a nigga that blogs all day is homeless, or has an internet wife, or got rape charges... we're not surprised tbh
  • John John Da Don
    Battle rap does need the bloggers don't get it fucked up... but not when they blogging on lowlife shit
  • John John Da Don
    & its the bloggers that say they helped build battle rap to what it is but won't admit when they hurting it... come on y'all tighten up
  • John John Da Don
    How tf did battle RAP go from emcees tryna prove they better than everybody to BLOGGERS blogging about eachother? What are we here for?