• maccmaiin60

    rozwell got dis one

  • L.O.

    ZO GREEN 3-0

  • Tre

    The woman with the red hair is wifey material. Dude with the bucket hat won the battle pretty easy. Guy with the red needs to work on his delivery. Maybe he was just nervous but step it up on your next go round. Shouts to 40 oz Jess and the battle rap arena show good job….

    • jam

      how you know she wifey material? you met her

  • Anonymous

    LOADED LUX vs CALICOE painting

  • Anonymous

    Roz won dat 2 to 1

  • Realwinners

    Roz took dat 2 to 1 ez

  • Gwvaio

    Who is the red hair chick? That chick has been to every battle, big or small, in late 2013 early 2014. That chick is everywhere.

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  • KIT

    2-0 ZO


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