URL Battle Rap Arena QP (S.O.N.S.) on the Show

QP joins the Show to Talk about Conceited Ghost Writing Rumors, The Creation of the “Slow it Downs”, Chilla Jones and More.

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  • Echo 5

    That’s corny shit when niggas call in and are extra disrespectful. Dude wouldn’t even let QP answer his questions.

    • Omega


      #Letterman was on some dumb ass hoe nigga shit

      how you start the conversation off with lets keep it real

      and you immediately fuck up two times in a row by saying shit that didnt make sense.

      3Letterman was a sucka this show

      • clash

        QP was talkin a lot of shit and dry snitchin tho..That Swave battle was one of the worse body bags I ever seen ,foh lmao!

        • Omega

          nobody denied to fool

  • Battlerap fan

    I know a lot of niggas say if it ain’t on url it don’t matter but I’m a fan of battle rap period! n QP has BEEN killin niggas for years! His word play, schemes, and innovation is 2nd to none. Niggas need to do they research n just give respect where it’s due. QP n them sons niggas set standards in battle rap n I’m sure he could hold his own if not body a lot of the URL top tier niggas right now. N this coming from a Midwest nigga. Pound for pound..QP is one of them niggas. Do ya research. It’s undeniable.

  • JR

    Letterman you was on some real bullshit this show. When you didn’t know who Reign man was I knew you was new to this battle rap shit. Do your homework dogg QP been a beast he influenced a lot of battle rappers and I truly believe if he didn’t come along battle rap wouldn’t be where it is today. Qp was way ahead of his time go back and watch the game tapes. Shouts to QP from a East coast dude.


      Talk that shit, 3 Letterman is a Bitch Ass Nigga and doesnt know what he’s talking about half of the time, QP is the most influential and original battle rapper that ever did it, shout out to AGRYFAN 007 for keeping it real.

      • Anonymous

        3 letterman is a swave sevah fan

  • ohgod

    ayeoo. if this is QP, why do niggas allow the other big nose QP to use the same name???


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