URL Battle Rap Arena/15MOFE Radio – Pt. 2 Smack Talks Female vs. Male & PG Battles, Round 3’s & More

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  • Michael Myers

    SMH, How you going to Canada, Etc, You can’t even come to Philadelphia, Smh

  • Keith Foster

    Good info, pt. 1 pt. 2!!! Good piece, look forward to all that this association has to bring for 2014

  • Wonder’s Photographyy

    i’ll admit norbes sounds like a smart dude

  • Tookey

    smack be looking like tone Montana

  • TipOfTheIceberg

    Smack wasn’t the first person to put battlerap content on the web. People who bought his dvd’s started putting it on youtube first….smack didn’t think about that. He contacted youtube and had them remove all that content because he was able to prove that it was his content and he didn’t give permission for it to be re-broadcasted. He then put it all back up there under his own youtube channel. Not saying he didn’t anything wrong….but don’t say you were the first to put battle content on the web when you clearly were not.

  • H’D

    hollow beat surf she says. TRUEEEE. norbes also right to choose hollow to beat lux

    • Omega


  • Realshit

    Hollow lost to surf 2-1

    • Omega

      right..and he stole that chris webber line from Ty Law


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