URL Battle Rap Arena/Trap House Presents – Sco vs Ah Di Boom

Battle Rap Arena, No Mercy TV and Trap House NY gives you this Raw Battle Between Jerseys Own Ah Di Boom vs Sco from the Bronx and 106 and Park UFF Tournament on BET

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  • Yaboykfoye

    Weak ass battle

  • Macmar415

    Real talk this is the FIRST time I’ve seen Sco actually kill someone, like go hard as hell! 2-1 Sco 1st and 2nd easily! 2nd round name flips pure genius! Good Job Sco. PS, I didn’t watch the 3rd round before I even madde this comment but it’s at least a 2-1 to Sco!

    • Macmar415

      3-0 Sco! I just saw the 3rd round.

  • God Aweful

    Has Sco ever really won a battle? Even when his opponents choke they rhyme way better than his clean rounds.

  • Swagg

    Sco is probably the most improved battle of the year so far. He’s gotten way better than previous years.

    As far as boom, he reminds me of Charlie clips.. A subpar version.. But eh good battle.

  • Ruger Ru

    This was a good battle

  • Hella

    Rd 1 boom

  • Hella

    Rd 2 sco

  • Hella

    Rd 3 boom good shit can’t hate if a nigga say sco got it his 1st was nice to but I think boom was a lil better 2-1boom

  • myian barnes

    hahaha! The return of the light skin DotMob nigga, he been out for a minute. Nice battle but, imo, they were gassing some basic bars boom was spitting. Sco’s rd 2 showed the difference in class between these two. i give the first two to Sco and Boom the third sinc Sco stumbled a few times.

  • boom

    boom is fucking trash omfg

  • Dee money

    Ya niggas is all stupid!!! Wtf are ya watchin? Ahdiboom 2-1 easily

    • God Aweful

      Sco’s jokes must be funny to them. I don’t get it though.

  • Sonny Pocketts

    this nigga adi boom the worst ever …trash and hes a bitter…trash

  • yoooo

    Great battle get them on the main stage

  • whatup

    I’m tired of these rappers showing how long their guns are. Yo yo my twin guns as long as Patrick ewings legs… Stfu lol

  • whatup

    Ah di boom looks like a fat Kanye.

  • SpiT

    adi look like he work @ some cheap ass indian restaurant…

  • Art

    Sco 2-1 great battle

  • vicevurze

    Sco is prolly the most improved.. even though he got nuborn.. nuborn has had some good battles this year too.. – as far as this battle, 2-1 Sco– his presence and performance was too much for dude– I expected more from ahdi boom


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