URL Battle Rap Live – D Gunna vs Norbes on Air

D Gunna Calls in and talks about controversial battle with Illanoiz

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  • Sirgeeoh


  • Jayjay

    im mad this nigga called on a boost mobile prepaid. tell me why this nigga damn near quit on the telephone call too, niggas had to beg him to stay on the phone. ill killt that nigga, no debating.

  • Anonymous

    wow this had to be posted really? Norbes you shouldn’t have dropped anything after this stupid phone call. that is bad business real talk this was hilarious yet sad. its about shining in the spotlight. if you dont shine and you screw up take it upon yourself as a man to get so much better that you don’t have to call in. agreed. especially after you quit. the problem was this dude illanoiz just had too much presence. nothing bad to say about dgunna until this phone call. don’t call up bitchin. bosses dont bitch leaders dont bitch


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