URL: Born Legacy – Event – for the FANS!!!

Wavy & The Crowd( feat. Mr. Wavy ) The URL loves the fans, and we want to know who came to the Born Legacy event. Shout your name, shout out your city, and share your opinions!!! #youcantcopyrespect


by: belikeike, IG: @belikeike


  • Darryl

    Yo this is d from the bx boro I enjoyed the event but as always the show doesn’t keep going to much gap in times before the next battle start and the mics was jacked too. Over all I enjoyed but those was some expensive ass drinks to not even have a real bar come on URL don’t try to take all the bread

  • Anonymous

    Can u drop dis mr wavey vs prez mafia soon please classic of da nite one of the wildest

  • alex

    im trying to see prez/wavey!!! PUT UP THE OTHER BATTLES!!!
    check out my lux vs calicoe painting http://etsy.me/1lqs621

  • JPinHD

    Ya put this battle up please…this battle has the potential to be epic as hell.

  • Bee

    Event was good only suggestion I have is that in Btwn battles there’s needs to be something going on bcuz that extra standing around hurts lol but y’all should start getting them battles who r not battling at the events to perform there songs . It would be a win win for the event the rapper n the crowd. I was #TallestNiggaNDabuilding

  • K3v

    This was def one of the best battles of the night hands down!!

  • spekmoswanit

    spek from mos wanit bk all day event was a classic night! had a good time cant complain it was packed but not uncomfortable and drinks were good mics were fucked up by dis time ya should hav dis on point n under control alredi..errything else was good to go me n my bro dange had a great time shout out to smaaacckkkkk n da whole url fam for making dis happen….1

  • http://imdg.co belikeike

    lovin’ all the feed back yall, real shit, keep it coming

  • http://imdg.co belikeike



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