URL Proving Grounds – Class Of 2014

URL Proving Grounds 2014


Professor Norbes wants you to get in tune with the new class of 2014. URL Proving Grounds. Drop a comment, rep’ where you from and let us know if you comin’. (( to keep up wit’ the lastest, make sure you follow us on IG: URL + URL Global Staff  ))

EVENT LOCATION: Black Star Video <~~ click for that google map // blackstarvideo.com

#salute to Street Star Norbe, follow him on Twitter & IG



  • baby g

    Why is ge and sno not on there they better then adi boom nd all these new guys

    • http://imdg.co belikeike

      everybody gotta’ get a shot

  • Stackz

    Sno is trash .. Brooklyn carter nd yaboi clip way better than sno

    • Bo jangles

      You right. That dude show off is sick as well. Son aint all that.

    • http://imdg.co belikeike

      i disagree my g, sno is nice, he slipped in his last pg, but that boy a problem

  • L.O.


    • http://imdg.co belikeike

      i believe that!, i f wit’ all them spitdatheat members

  • Grindmode

    some corny names tho…zeus da god, foreal?…anyhow hope to see some good match-ups

    • http://imdg.co belikeike

      gotta’ remember, dudes get selected for a reason. lets see what them barz about, barz make a name

  • Boogzdaboss

    This pg niggas is fukin nice some better then top niggas
    Real tlk tht boy bk carter a beast shout out all pg dudes good luck

    • http://imdg.co belikeike


  • http://fuckurasswithaspoom jamal

    Okay so they charging 20$ for a card full of no names..ill be there front row…fuck outta here

    • Jamalisadumbass

      you are a sucka ass nigga. the very reason niggas can’t do shit for themselves because of uncle tom/down low illiterate non supportive fucks like you.

      • http://imdg.co belikeike

        lol good shit

    • http://imdg.co belikeike

      brotha’, please try remember, the current list or known names you have as your top ain’t start out that way, they worked their way up, same concept here fam. if you truly love the culture, you can’t knock new comers

  • Anonymous

    Where Ha double

  • G money

    It does say class of2014 all new pg guys.

  • myian

    Carter has bars and a relentless bar after bar flow, he will be a problem if he can maintain…


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