URL Summer Madness 3 Prediction Blog (Unbias Review)

URL gets together annual summer event. The biggest battle event for URL. A lot of big names are missing but its still a big battle event. Maybe the new names will turn into Big Names officially. What do you think. Follow me on Twitter: Unbias Review


  • ScottyPimpen33

    Terrance Howard’s lil brother ?

  • nine5for

    math vs jones gonna be boring as fuck

    • barondebxl

      Math is gonna have the best performance of the night. I forgot summer madness 3 was this weekend

  • ohgod

    really chris. a good unbiased, man.

  • God Aweful

    So this nigga talks about what is going to happen in the building over and over again but he isn’t going to be in the build… Lol. If you not going to be there, why does it matter who wins in the building?

  • Chris Scott

    I like ya predictions

  • myian barnes

    I agree with just about everything money said, much better than CJ’s blog. I agree with his opinion on Day, but I ain’t gonna lie, I lost it when that umbrella popped out in Pesci’s face. I have watched that shit maybe 8x’s already. And that Calicoe verse was dope as fuck but we don’t remember it.

  • Edwin Stagg

    them tickets still aint sold out

  • Edwin Stagg

    i could still buy 20 tickets summer fairness 2.5

  • You know what time it is nigga

    This nigga is proven to be gay! I got FB messages from niggas he be talking to on the low! I’ma release this shit in a few days! Shits crazy!

  • Da Last Mohican

    Great frickin blog bra! Keep that A-Town up cuz

  • halftime

    I don’t know how Hoffa bullied his way on the card, after his ass got demolished during the last SM. MATH is beyond over rated! Every battle is how he punched Dose or cracked Mook upside his head. Get on wit that old shit and spit some
    bars! I would love to see one battle from Math where he doesn’t mention Mook or fighting somebody, that shit is going old.


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