URLTV | T Top “Lawd” (Music Video)

T Top  Lawd   Music Video    YouTube

UFF Champion, T Top, drops his new music video on URLTV’s youtube channel, “Lawd”…

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000007703123 Isaiah Shamarr

    MS MURK 2-1

  • Praphet

    you can do it….lol They trying to save that chick.

  • Preech Man

    Murk 3- other girl -0….She had no bars for that girl…

  • bigbiglittle

    quastar was going to fast ….even if you slowed it down its still not as good as when she battle bonnie…..she wasnt all that good against jada either ….but its clear who won…. ms murk

    • http://www.facebook.com/riflemanakaellaykhule Ellay Khule

      why when rappers rap real slow people never say they rapping 2 slow? she aint rapping fast as twister so she dont need 2 slow down..u might need 2 speed up yo brain processor

  • poisonsenvy

    wHAT BATTLE WERE YOU WATCHING ? yeah Qua should slowed down and she can improve her flow but bar for bar she destroyed Murk. Only thing Murk kept talking about is how she choked every round she kept talking about she choked lmfao get that ho outta here she got creamed. Qua 2-1 murk won the 3rd round only.

  • longbrown12

    the guh on the left love the long schlong. im packin big schlong. i could hit it 11 inch 12 on a good day. wassup huh

  • http://www.facebook.com/riflemanakaellaykhule Ellay Khule

    she just need 2 memorize her verses better,,thats it


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