URLTV.TV | M.Ciddy Futher Explains His Stance on New Battle Fans & the History of Smack DVD

M.Ciddy Responds To Recent Rant about “New Battle Rap Fans”. Entertaining and insightful, vlog.

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  • ohgod

    How tall is dis nigga? Needs a cushion on the seat. I see he listened to Chris Unbias and started blogging. Good video, though. How he change all the voices? What software he use?

  • SemInitial

    Word Ciddy you have to appreciate the art of battle rap.

  • MrEverSoul

    Check it out!!! Charlie clips vs concieted—-> http://youtu.be/u9cxhV_9y20

  • daynali

    u definitely don’t live in the hood..lol…u hot thou

  • Leekluv216

    Ciddy has a point to an extent but I will say to him the same thing I put on the Clips vlog…

    Real talk, battle rappers kill me not expecting fans to change or be fickle. Let me ask you this, did the culture of battle rap change? And if your answer to that question is yes, then my g expect the fans to change. Battlers ALWAYS want to compare fans from 10yrs ago to fans today but neglect to compare battles or battlers themselves 10/15yrs ago compared to the ones today. Back day it was a very entertaining to watch and it wasn’t no hyped up overpriced “major event” like it is today. Back day to me battlers had a sense of pride, they did it for the love and for themselves. That is not the culture today; today it is about who can look the flyest on stage, who brought he toughest clique of niccas with them, and who can look the coolest in front of the fans oh yeah then BARS come in to play. You cant expect every aspect of battle rap to evolve and the fans remain the same…not humanly possible. If you took balling at the Rucker out of Rucker Park and actually played it in a filled up Garden yr after yr…would it still be the same? I’ll wait..

    • ms marjane

      for real, i think battle rappers just trip over how quickly shit can change with fans. it’s a phenomenon to them, because it’s still new.. back in the day, people would say supernat, juice, or craig g was cold – hands down. They wouldn’t take it back a few months later, after seeing them lose. But then, them niggas wasn’t havin 10 public, “televised” battles in a year either with an unlimited list of new random battlers. If you was the coldest dude in harlem or la or wherever, that was that. You might not always be everybody’s favorite, but wouldn’t nobody front on niggas for takin a L, and then bein’ wack forever. Most battle rappers want to improve their skill and craft, and that happens through havin debatable battles and shit where you lose. It’s only new fans that don’t see that – just because a nigga is not in your top 5 today, doesn’t mean that same MC wil not surprise you, or doesn’t have some shit to come with in the future that’s going to consistently impress you. The scribble jam and conference circuits always had a lot of loyalty too – taking an L didn’t mean an mc suddenly became the wackest nigga on the planet. The game has definitely evolved and if it weren’t for newer fans, some of these niggas wouldn’t be able to afford a new pair of jeans much less be gettin’ plane tickets and flown places, and in different countries and shit.

      • Leekluv216

        Salute, Ms. MJ!

  • Gee

    I remember seeing some fan say Kshine beat ill cuz he had the crowd Roccin more .. Ex: of new battle fans..I agree wit ciddy wen he said niggaz be givin cats wins off old Showins and past performances ..the real “top tiers” is the cats who have 3 hard rounds every battle and dey better everytime u see em ..I cud name 100 battlers who y’all think is too tier but haven’t said anything nice since 2012

  • barondebxl

    Its true yhough, so many gay ass fans that dont know their history talk shit. If i was a battle rapper i would recycle shit from 5, 6 years ago cause the fans dont know shit, a lot of them at least.


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