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M Ciddy

An hour ago, Michigan wordsmith M. Ciddy who has battled such names as Chilla Jones, B Magic, Young Kannon, Daylyt and Big Kannon, voiced his displeasure with a certain subsection of the battle rap fan community, using facebook’s Unbias Review group as his sounding board. Does Ciddy have a point?

Derrick McGuire
Pointless unedited rant
A Day in February

You know what the problem is??? Alotta yall “fans” are dickriders who don’t know shit About Battle Rap…. history, culture, etc. Yall don’t even understand the objective of a fucking battle anyway.

I mean majority of yall wasn’t even into battles 10 years ago …shit even 5 years ago. Yall so outta pocket with this “I WANNA BE ENTERTAINED” shit. Yall would make any non talented nigga famous for doing some stupid stunt.

AND THENNNNNNN…..yall got the nerve to complain about what “BATTLE RAPPER A” isn’t doing….shut the fuck up with your opinion!!!

Like I mean if you’re a supporter of the culture that’s cool. But Alotta yall ain’t keeping it real, majority of the things you say are emotionally based on some gay shit anyway. Yall pick and choose who u wanna apply shit too.

PLUS!!! 85% of you stupid fucks click play on battles with biasness from jump.
“BATTLE RAPPER A” could be your favorite from things he did 2011 so ull root for him so hard and make any excuse to help him win. “BATTLE RAPPER B” could be kinda known had some weak performances YEARSSSSS AGO and ull forever hold it against him. Real talk “BATTLE RAPPER B” could have 10 clean upto date performances in a row and yall still gonna base his talent off a couple loses.

Yall all some dickriding leeches….. DIE SLOW!!!!


Real supporters STAY SAFE & SUCKER FREE!!!

What are your thoughts?

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  • rexchap

    Ciddy is talkin that REAL shit! It’s the YOUNGSTER who are the dickriders! When the young dudes and the European dudes and Canadian dudes started to have opinions…SHIT CHANGED….LOL

    • goonsquadgeneral

      Yep the young niggas with all the tight close and wack shit. The grindtime don’t flop type crowds too that dick ride every bar fucking up the game. Not to mention there are way to many battlers and way to many leagues out right now shit is super over saturated.

    • http://www.belikeike.com/ Ike Mathieu

      it’s a shame really.

  • Retorikal

    He on sum real ish

  • Url Stan

    HE got a point i swear he talking about LOADED LUX an DAYLYT Fans

    • AcesClick215

      and Hollow n Dot Mob n every other “top tier” rapper out there….Right now, if I say M Ciddy can beat Lux/Hollow ppl are gonna kill me on here based on jus bias shit n talking bout he aint got a name…shit is getting wack jus like radio shit…ppl complain bout all these wack rappers getting deals its b/c the fans r too dumb to think n want nursery bars n then they complain after the fact

    • Pulaski Jigga

      My thoughts exactly

  • Tht Sickkness

    Talkin bout born in there to. I hella agree wit ciddy.

  • Food4thought

    Yea only solution is to judge, let them big egos take some Ls

  • ni

    He is talking truth. There is a difference between fans and D=riders point blank. People dony care about what battle rap really is about and what its foundation is which is lyricism. We have come to a place that popularity is mote important than lyrics which is extremely sad. Daylyt sucks but he is one of the most popular battle rappers due to his antics even he knows that he isnt the.best lyrically he just tries to put on a show and be talked about its turned in to a popularity contest not a rap battle

  • ferb420

    *Serius Jones’ voice* WOOOOOOOOO! M. Ciddy is pissed. But on the real, there are alot of bias dickriders out there.

  • fax

    Canadians made it popular and had lesgues before you dickriders were on it that’s the problem he’s referring to know your history. Too many bs mcs period

  • Blackhead1Tone

    We’ll put. Daylyt tried to fuck you over. But I respect your G for this, and appreciate your skill set still from what I viewed in your bout with him. It would of been nice to see and could be better for the all around culture, if niggas like him and others who are given such indecent exposure for the moment gave you guys who are staying true to yourselves a fair shake. “But stay doing what you know best and the cream rises”

    • Blackhead1Tone

      Shout out to that Angry Fan Movement….#Respect

  • Gee

    100% true .. I been watchin battles for ten plus years (fight klub when it aired on tv till now) and I must say the lyrically side of battle rap is dead thanks to notoriety..I thought politics was Gon destroy the cultur but it is these dumbass new fans (white boys,bitches,ppl who live in the suburbs and faggots who love 2chainz) who knows nuthin about real emceeing,some of the lyrically cats have bars where the first six lines lead up to the next four with a punch and get no reaction,but when a nigga diss sumbody from another group the crowd go crazy..barz lyrically content don’t Matta only “shock value” shit..SM2 brought in a wave of new fans who don’t kno shit they jus diccridin the latest trend

  • Sammy Nelms Jr

    Honestly I can feel what you saying ciddy. You bodied daylyt and no matter what people say all bs aside Daylyt slept on you, he made u a victim of battle rap classim. He didn’t think he had to step his bars up because he had magic coming up which is wrong.. A battle is a battle and if you respect the culture you should respect your opponent and give him a respectable bout. Why don’t you take one of these newer hungrier cats like rum nitty, ha double, kg the poet, or ill will . After your last few battles you proved to people you consistent and that’s the most important thing to me as a viewer. Respect the movement

  • realtlk HARLEM

    Very well present m.ciddy and hollow vs lux is a perfect example lux lost hollow can never beat lux.. untill they actual battled n hollow damn near 3-0 edge each round lux fans swear he couldnt be beat like he us god hollow how ever has said any emcee including himself can be beat any giving sunday but bias dickheads falls in love with a batyle emcee mn style not the battle itself n culture … thsts killin the culture

    • TFOH

      But THAT’S your opinion and if somebody says TFOH …LUX TALKED to that boy, then THAT person is the STAN?

      Just cuz YOU say it with conviction, it dont mean JACK….with THAT said. Hollow performed well, but he LOST that battle!

      SMH. LUx did that dude BAD…Hollow only responded and don’t say EXPOSED just cuz Hollow said something! The difference is HOLOW can say anythin and get the crowds to say OOH he EXPOSED! Lux don’t take that route, he str8 comes AT you with GROWN MAN SHIT! LOL He SONNED Hollow!!!

  • sd

    I hear you Mciddy…but you are salty because you had your chance on the big stage…both KANNON’s killed you! Some of you battle rappers forget to entertain us, of course we like “bars” but what else do you have? Can you make people come out to see you ?? NO…DO you have bars? Yes…Im jus tired of these dudes getting on twitter talking shit because they “fell off” or not getting recognized..all that tough talk and shit talking on twitter is Lame !!


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