SMACK/ URL’S SMACK sits down for an exclusive in studio interview with URL MC’s PREP & TH3 SAGA.. The two lyricists Battled last Saturday in NYC @ Black Star Video and the Battle drops this Friday March 6th. SMACK/ URL’s Rookies event takes place in NYC on Saturday March 28th. Purchase your tickets at URLTV.V or Ticketmaster.com TODAY!!! Make Sure you purchase tickets for NOME 5 (Charlie Clips vs Hollow Da Don) taking place on May 5th

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  • miles

    thesaurus is mad nice

  • Zane

    Thesaurus been repping for over a decade now, one of the greats for sure!

  • Craig

    “you’re the same bullet hundred times” damn Thesaurus was cooking, 100 did a good job with that grime scheme

  • Jaz

    Classic! 100 Bulletz needs to battle Chilla asap! LMOA – mouth open at the door like the castle of gray skull. smh Thesaurus references are next level

  • flipper773

    Bulletz 2-1 clearly

  • Jamal

    100 bullets is annoying..his style wont work over here..sorry to say..had some good bars in there..but since lux calicoe battle everyone trying to be too complicated..lux can do it cause of his respect factor he receives..but overall battle rap is now entertainment..shut all that complex shit up cause it dont flow right and it dont make you entertained.

    • IhateIdiots

      shut up with your slow ass.

      • Jamal

        lol if you only knew how much smarter I am than you. Like i said I wasnt entertained at all by 100 bulletz. Say what you want, but this shit you put together has to be hot as well..just cant be complex only. I understand everything the nigga saying..it just aint hot..point blank period

      • Jamal

        dont worry 100 bulletz I know this is you..Im just one nigga..if you nice as you think then one opinion shouldnt matter.

  • GodSent

    that invest line Thesaurus said, won him half the battle. 100 bullets isnt from UK , so whats up with those lines tryna fit in. 100 aint a street nigga, Really niggas dont force fit.

  • http://worldstarhiphop.com/ JAWZ

    Great Battle…….

  • sampirlo

    i swear to god i only watch the first round off 100 Bulletz & half of The Saurus and then I stop watching am sry but i cant feel nothing man :(

  • barondebxl

    Bulletz 3-0 and I rock with theSaurus

  • panther845

    dope battle Thesaurus won 2-1

    1st and 3rd round..


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