Vibe | Troy Ave And Joey Bada$$ Trade Subs On Twitter Over Album Sales


Brooklyn emcees Troy Ave and Joey Bada$$ exchanged some words in a smallTwitter tiff Monday evening. (June 22)

Troy Ave has been the talk of the town (and not in a good way) due to his lackluster album sales from his LP Major Without A Deal, and while the album, which boast features from some of New York’s elite hip-hop figures, it was reported to have sold less than 5,000 copies.

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Troy Ave went onto clarify that those numbers only reflect three days worth of sales as opposed to the full week artist are given. Ave continued by saying since he came out of pocket and handled all the promo and created the album he gets to takehome the lion’s share of the profit.

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Joey Bada$$ got wind of Troy’s comments and took to Twitter to remind folks of his album sales.

Troy Ave and Joey Bada   Exchange Subs On Twitter Over Album Sales   Vibe

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