Don’t Flop Rap Battle | VILLUN VS DNA

Mad villun a respected dont flop champion who has battled people like Unanymous (the UK version of Dizaster), went up against DNA, one of URL Highest viewed battle rap artists) at Dont Flop’s 5th Birthday weekend event. after watching the battle it was definitely a classic, both rappers brought performance stage presence and stellar freestyle rebuttals as well. the highlight bar of this battle was DNA to Mad Villun, the punch being “You’ve been loosing to DNA your entire life” a shot at Mad Villun’s albino condition. this is definitely a must watch and URL is excited to share this battle with our fans

Respect to Dont Flop Entertainment and stay tuned for more content


  • Kyrie

    I thought this nigga was battling a girl. I was bout to be mad af.

  • ohgod

    embarrassing british rapper

  • red rifle


  • ellaykhule

    villun,,is weak i like some of the overseas rappers,,the white dudes are better to me

  • ellaykhule

    whats the difference between villun dissing dna
    mom &dna calling im albino?

  • DCAM

    DNA killed that kid! Flat out!

  • gtfoh

    Too easy for clips, dna n ars in dont flop

  • Reedy

    @gtfoh Shotty horroh beat ars so what you saying?

  • @reedy

    U must be stupid… ars killd shotty not hattin on em …

  • gtfoh

    Yeah … ars clearly beat em @ reedy

  • uok

    @reedy… u crazy ars… clips … dna been taking nigkuhs change out there

  • Ehd4

    DNA did this dude dirty. Crowd hype him (villun) a little bit. He was tight though… Not…. DNA needs to do some rematches on his questionable battles. He definatly needs to battle k shine again

  • blizz

    i dont see why dna wasted his time with this albino nigga he cANT RAP A FUCKIN GIFT WACK ASS BIRD HEAD NIGGA LOOKIN LIKE A FUCKIN SKINNED CHICKEN

  • nekko the boss

    who ever said ars lost too horroh needs to watch that battle again andddddd this kid was wayyyyy over hyped


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