VLAD TV | Affion Crockett Slams Twitter Beefs, Talks Current State of Rap

Affion Crockett Slams Twitter Beefs  Talks Current State of Rap   YouTube

In an exclusive interview with VladTV, comedian Affion Crockett speaks on what rap beef has evolved into and why he’s not impressed with the current wave of rappers.

With rap beefs jumping onto social media platforms, the traditional form of dropping bars on wax has become a thing of the past. While Kendrick Lamar had everyone at the edge of their seats with his “Control” verse in 2013, the momentum has faded. Rappers have continued to throw jabs at one another through Twitter and Instagram. With Crockett growing up during Hip Hop’s early years, the social media riffs aren’t as entertaining as people think.
“The internet has blended everything together and I don’t like it,” he said. “I’m exhausted with all the beef [and] people tweeting beef like c’mon man. Let’s just get back to the music. I don’t think the music as a whole, overall is hot enough for people to be so angry over nothing.”

He also shared his love for emcees like Rakim and Kool G Rap. While he enjoys the occasional turn up, he enjoys quality music over party tracks including music from Meek Mill.

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  • Big_biza_2010

    this guy does anything to stay relevant, from joining a boyband, to hating on legends, to making terrible mood music that only puts me in a mood to fly his cd out the window like a frisbee, to putting his corny private life out there for the world to see. his only accomplishment was pump it up and turning tahiry into a rap groupie.

  • Cloaks&Daggers

    fuck this has been. the person before me was right, anything to stay relevant huh? his sold is definitely for sale to the highest bidder

  • Nyg357

    2 Hating ass Niggas Dnt click the Niggas Blogz if yall got sum Stupid shit to say B wrdd upp how yall living?? da fuk do yall niggas Do?? nuffin kause nobody knows you lmao smh

    • Big_biza_2010

      I would never want to enter a spelling bee contest with you….(Dnt , wrdd , upp, nuffin) it just would not be fair B. You must be Joe Buddins to spell like that, plus its my job to point out wack ass attention seeking lames. So yeah im in the right place, Buddins LMAO   for someone that dont have any music out thats bangin in the club or the radio you always happen to be on blogs talking random shit. Why dont you talk about how Wu went upside your head. 


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