VLAD TV | ANGRY FAN: Hollow Da Don Bodied Charlie Clipse at NOME 5

ANGRY FAN  Hollow Da Don Bodied Charlie Clipse at NOME 5   YouTube

“ANGRY FAN gave an impassioned and entertaining break down of the Smack/URL NOME 5 battle, round for round.

The lively battle rap enthusiast began with Aye Verb Vs. K-Shine, whom ANGRY FAN said was “on point” throughout the whole round. He added that by the third round the battle was already over, because K-Shine took the crown based on the first two rounds.

The next rappers to hit the stage were DNA and Serius Jones, which ANGRY FAN thought was one of the best battles of the night. After the dust had cleared, ANGRY FAN said that DNA got Serius in the first two rounds.

The ladies, Jaz the Rapper & O’fficial, were the next to step up, and ANGRY FAN said the battle was so intense that he saw “Jaz’s soul come out of her body” after O’fficial’s brutal jabs in the first round. Despite pointing out that “Jaz had bars,” ANGRY FAN said that it was clear O’fficial was the better rapper in the battle.

Next, ANGRY FAN reviewed Charlie Clipse Vs. Hollow Da Don, and he gets angry at Clipse for not “stepping your bars up.” He initially thought that Clipse was going to take the battle, but ANGRY FAN thought it was clear that Hollow took the crown.

As for the final battle with Tay Roc taking on Tsu Surf, ANGRY FAN felt that Tsu Surf “was on his sh*t,” but he believes that the last battle of the night was “debatable. In the end ANGRY FAN gave the battle to Surf 2-1.

Do you agree with ANGRY FAN?”

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