VLAD TV | B.G. Knocc Out: Eazy-E Was Never Broke Like in N.W.A. Biopic

B.G. Knocc Out  Eazy E Was Never Broke Like in N.W.A. Biopic   YouTube

B.G. Knocc Out spoke to VladTV about his thoughts on “Straight Outta Compton,” and the discrepancies between the N.W.A. biopic versus what he saw during his time spent with Eazy-E.

The West Coast emcee debunked one scene from the movie where Eazy fell on hard times after N.W.A. disbanded, which B.G. Knocc Out said was a complete lie. He explained that Eazy had a stocked bank account and multiple nice houses, which is nothing like what was portrayed in the film.

During the conversation the “Real Compton City G’s” rapper spoke about other problems he had with the film, including Dr. Dre portraying himself as a gangster. B.G. Knocc Out also didn’t like how himself and other artists signed to Eazy-E’s Ruthless Records were left out of the film, and he added that it seems like Dr. Dre was trying to wipe out that part of Eazy’s legacy.

Check out more of what he had to say in the above clip.

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