VLAD TV | Big Daddy Kane: For $500k, I’ll Finally Battle Rakim

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“Big Daddy Kane discussed the lack of Battle Rappers who’ve been able to make the successful transition to become mainstream artists in this clip from his exclusive interview with VladTV.
Kane explained that he thinks most battlers don’t have a good understanding of how to craft music that is not combative in nature. He also stated that the evolution of Battle Rap has made the performances easier for battlers because their style is more “spoken word,” as opposed to how it was when he was coming up when everyone had to maintain a certain pace while rapping as if a beat was playing in the background.
Kane eventually stated that at this stage of his life, he isn’t interested in battling anyone; however, when the hypothetical proposal to finally battle Rakim for $500,000 came up, Kane was definitely down to do it. He then revealed the story of how he and Rakim were supposed to battle years ago, but various issues prevented the battle from occurring.
Would you like to see Big Daddy Kane vs. Rakim in the near future? If so, who do you think will win?”

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