VLAD TV | Charlamagne Debates Vlad’s Belief ‘Illmatic’ is Nas’ Only Classic Album

Charlamagne Debates Vlad s Belief  Illmatic  is Nas  Only Classic Album   YouTube

During this exclusive clip Charlamagne and DJ Vlad debate over Nas’ greatest albums. As the majority would agree, Nas’ debut Illmatic and the albums that followed certified him as one of hip-hop’s elite. Though Charlamagne agrees, he does feel Nas’ first body of work wasn’t his best while DJ Vlad feels Illmatic was the only one that can be considered a classic. “Nas has 3, maybe four classics,” argued Charlamagne. “We’re just hung up on nostalgia.”

After the two agreed “Nas has made better work since Illmatic,” they went on to discuss Lauryn Hill and more. Press play to catch it all and share your thoughts on their debate below.

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