VLAD TV | Charlamagne: N.W.A. Biopic Made Dr. Dre Look like a Superhero

Charlamagne  N.W.A. Biopic Made Dr. Dre Look like a Superhero   YouTube

“Straight Outta Compton” broke the box office when it debuted over the Summer, but many feel important details were left out that were pivotal to the lives of N.W.A.’s members. DJ Vlad asked Charlamagne how he felt about the biopic, and even he admitted it didn’t look as if they told the whole story. “The survivor lives to tell the tale,” Charlamagne states. “[Dr.] Dre and [Ice] Cube have survived, and who can dispute anything that they say? ‘Cause you wasn’t there.”

“I do feel like the movie was…It made Dre look like a superhero,” the morning show host continued. “Dre ain’t have no flaws [sic]. Dre would’ve did great by showing s*** like the domestic violence. It would’ve showed the growth of him as a man, it would’ve showed the evolution of him as a man, and you can never appear too perfect. You gotta have some dirt on you, man. I don’t trust people that appear too perfect.”

As far as Ice Cube goes, Charlamagne said “Straight Outta Compton” made him look as if “he was getting robbed by Eazy [E]” and Jerry Heller the entire time. He also questioned if Eazy-E was actually as broke as they depicted him to be in the film.

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