VLAD TV | Charlamagne On Jae Millz’s Diss Over Lil Wayne: Where’s Your Solo Album at?

Charlamagne On Jae Millz s Diss Over Lil Wayne  Where s Your Solo Album at    YouTube

Mack Maine and Jae Millz attacked Charlamagne tha God via Twitter for his blunt critique of Lil Wayne’s No Ceilings 2. Since he preferred to listen to Fabolous’ Summertime Shootout over NC2, Millz came to Wayne’s defense and alerted the radio host he was getting “way [too] comfortable” speaking on their camp. “As he should cause he ain’t got s**t else going on,” Charlamagne told DJ Vlad during this clip. “We’re not talking about Jae Millz for any other reason – and he’s got music out….Where your solo album at, my brother?”

Thanks to the social media age we live in, Charlamagne believes “motherf**kers look for reactions.” “I come from a place where the loud motherf**ker that’s making all the noise, yelling and screaming, that’s not the one you worry about,” he explained. “The one you worry about is the cool, calm, collected quiet motherf**ker that might just be over there keeping to [himself] or laughing and joking.”

Watch above to see Charlamagne shrug off Jae Millz’s threats and continue to downplay NC2 in comparison to Lil Wayne’s “catalogue of great, great music.”

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