VLAD TV | Cortez: Battling Uno Lavoz Is a Waste of Time for Me

Cortez  Battling Uno Lavoz Is a Waste of Time for Me   YouTube

“VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes caught up with Cortez following the conclusion of the Smack/URL “The Warm Up” event and got him to share his thoughts on the battles that took place.
During Uno Lavoz’s battle vs. Young X, Uno called out Cortez and took some major shots at him during his third round. Cortez believes that a battle with Uno Lavoz would be “a huge step down” and “waste of time.” He doesn’t think that the battle makes any sense and won’t really help his career at all, because if he wins then it will be looked at like he was supposed to beat him, but if he loses, then it’ll bring down his stock. He also thinks that Uno is actually nervous to battle him, because shortly after he called him out, Uno choked briefly.
Cortez then touched on the Head I.C.E. vs. K-Shine battle, and how they both were upset about the 2-minute time constraints set in place during their match. Cortez experienced the same struggle at N.O.M.E. 4 vs. T-Rex, and thinks that strict time limits are harmful to the fans. Looking to the future, Cortez stated that he’ll only battle for 1 minute or a minimum of 3 minutes from now on, but never again agree to 2 minutes. He concluded by expressing his interests in battling Arsonal in the near future.
Would you like to see Uno Lavoz battle Cortez?”

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  • wat?

    all the battle rappers are undefeated in their own opinion.

  • flipper773

    He just lost to serious jones what he talking about?

    • Rexchap

       NO, he didn’t!

  • $20282132


    • http://profile.yahoo.com/QQGBWJ6UYB7WMNRFAM3677UPZ4 zedric

       except for tayrock vs clips and hitman vs arsenal lol

      • Florida Boy

         And Calicoe vs Nuborn and Soul Khan vs Foxx

        • L.O.M.

          and Serius Jones vs Jin and Miles vs Rich

        • B Lake17

          and jc vs time bomb. dna vs eness. loaded lux vs calico. charlie clips vs aye verb. math hoffa vs calico. tech nine vs miles. just to name a few more clear wins

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DYCDKKZEV27JXW5VOKLQQUWSHI Manny DeVault

     lol nigga you lost to Jones. Majority rules, fat boy

    • Gatorville


  • Steeve Tuvo

    u r still undefeated no debating

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/QQGBWJ6UYB7WMNRFAM3677UPZ4 zedric

        dont kno in chicago i was there looked a little shaky for you baby
      big t might have edged you

      • Steeve Tuvo

        lol what big t say that was really nice? that chicken scratch shit was wack, niggas was only backing him up because he was home. his intro for round one was a great one im a big t fan, he killed surf, dna and hitman but clips was to much for him even in his home stage. tell me that cell phone bar aint have everybody quite!?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QQGBWJ6UYB7WMNRFAM3677UPZ4 zedric

    smack needs to do the night of the rematches lux vs mook  clips vs tay rock   hollow vs aye verb or arsenal and maybe ill vs hitman

    • Gatorville

      Dna vs Tsu
      Clips vs Tay Roc
      Ars vs Hollow
      Lux vs Mook
      T-rex vs Math

      Bill Collector vs Hitman (lol)


  • Mr.Rude

    Dumb nigga said..” NOBODY WAS DOING THE FUNNY SHIT BACK THEN”.. And goes on to name Tech 9 which is mainly what he was was known for.. Being a funny nigga with a hilarious style. loool.. damn clips

  • Sddinero

    undeafeated??? nigga you lost your last battle!! Clips you spit hella filler and guess what ..your not even that funny ..lol

  • Hoodlord

    Son you lost to Serious……no debating…..ahahahahaha

  • Dskii Net

    REMATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I THINK THAT WOULD BE A REAL CLASSIC BIG HOMIE……

  • Carbon_inc

    Clips beat Jones don’t hate

  • Carbon_inc

    Clips beat Jones don’t hate. 


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