VLAD TV | David Banner to Movie Directors: I Don’t Want to Be Your N****

David Banner to Movie Directors  I Don t Want to Be Your N       YouTube

During a hiatus from the rap game, entertainer David Banner pursued an acting career and appeared in several films before realizing the unsettling reality of it all. “Why [do] I always gotta drive a Black Escalade and just get out of jail?,” he asks of the “thug roles” he was given time and time again. “Is that all Black people are good for?”

During his international travels, David Banner remembers getting the chance to “see the way that America was depicting Black men here,” and says they were hardly ever shown in a good light. “We looked really bad, and I was a real big part of that,” he admits during our interview. “To make America fear Black people, they continue to spread this ignorance and hate, and the sad thing about it [is] hip-hop has fallen prey to it,” he continues stating, adding that he himself “just couldn’t continue to send Black people’s images to Hell.” “I sat in LA for a year and barely got two auditions because I said I didn’t want to play that role again,” Banner recalls. After hearing the painful truth about how Black men are portrayed in certain films from Black Snake Moan director Craig Brewer,” he began telling directors “I don’t want to be your n******.”

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