VLAD TV | Daylyt: I Want to Battle WWE’s John Cena; That Dude Can Rap

Daylyt  I Want to Battle WWE s John Cena  That Dude Can Rap   YouTube

Antics king Daylyt had an exclusive sit down with battle rap correspondent Mike Florence where he discussed his nephew’s death giving him inspiration, potential battles with Loaded Lux and professional wrestler John Cena, and the World Wide Antics League.

In the beginning of the clip the California battler was asked about getting inspiration to collaborate with any artists that reached out to him through Gmail after the tragic death of his nephew. The Grape Street emcee started out by saying that he is doing the collaborations with the intent to provide up-and-coming artists an opportunity that would otherwise not come to them so easily. He then went on to state that he could also prevent other tragedies from occurring by providing this outlet to aspiring emcees.

The topic of Daylyt battling Loaded Lux then came up for discussion. Day informed his fans that there have been negotiations made for the potential match up, but at the moment he is focusing on stepping in the ring with another opponent, which is none other than WWE’s own John Cena. When asked why would this be an ideal battle for him to take, Daylyt responded by stating that even though they have different professions, they are comparable and the bout between them would attract major attention to the battle rap culture.

The clip closes out with the West Coast representative stating that his World Wide Antics League in on the back burner until all parties involved develop new strategies to generate more popularity.

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