VLAD TV | E Hart Discusses Remy Ma Joining the QOTR Battle League


“In this clip from E Hart’s exclusive interview with VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes, she discussed the return of various female artists coming back to their Battle Rap roots on the QOTR platform.

Hart talked about Babs battling on QOTR, and how she wouldn’t want to battle any of the existing roster of female combatants because she helped groom them to their current levels of success. Following Babs, Hart discussed the potential return of Remy Ma stepping back into the lyrical ring once she regained her freedom.

Today, July 31st, Remy was released from prison after six long years, and the question is up in the air on whether or not she will join the growing movement that is Battle Rap, or focus solely on re-solidifying herself in the industry. E Hart, and many other representatives of QOTR, would certainly love to see her return to her Hip-Hop roots since everyone knows that she can battle. She also discussed Lady Luck battling on QOTR.

Who knows, maybe fans will get to see an epic rematch between Remy Ma and Lady Luck in the near future.”

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