VLAD TV | E Ness: “The King of Battle Rap Is Back!”

E Ness   The King of Battle Rap Is Back     YouTube

“Jack Thriller caught up with E Ness at the MC War “New World Order 2” event for an exclusive interview with VladTV.
Ness spoke about his battle vs. Sy Ari Da Kid on the MC War card, and also addressed his controversial actions during his battle vs. DNA at Summer Madness 2. Ness was very disruptive and unsportsmanlike during his last battle on the URL stage, and actually owned up to his lack of respect for the match in this interview with VladTV. Ness called himself “childish” for the way he acted, and stated that he has learned from his mistakes at SM2. He believes that he has his head on his shoulders and now that he is truly focused and matured in the lyric”

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