VLAD TV | Goodz Reflects on Classic Summer Madness 4 Battle vs. Aye Verb

Goodz Recalls Confronting Serius Jones for Dissing His Daughter   YouTube

Goodz spoke about his classic Summer Madness 4 battle vs. Aye Verb in this clip from his exclusive interview with VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes.
Goodz believes that the battle was very close, but broke down the specific reasons why he thinks he edged the victory in his favor. He also explained why his battle againt Verb is a clear example of how the Proving Grounds battlers are not up to the same level as the Top Tiers. Goodz discussed how the hype behind his battle vs. Verb had died down over the years, but their pre-battle comical blogs brought the fans’ interest back up to new heights. According to Goodz, the PG roster doesn’t know how to sell their battles, and only focus on rapping without doing their very best to make fans want to see them.

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  • Fly Ty


  • Fly Ty

    its ok

  • Rexchap

    Another song with NO KINDA FUNKY BEAT!!!!  These niggas today have NO clue on how to add melody to their shit!   Drum machine 101

  • whatwhaa

    4 da 1st time i actauly like dis track!!! 

  • Jon Gill

    i dont fuck wit goodz too much..but this shit hot!! Keep that shit up boi

  • Dgentry24

    Real talk I don’t ever comment on these videos but that is the best song by you Good by far. You usually change your voice and sometimes your approach when u make music compared to your freestyles. The thing that sets you apart from battle rappers is your swag in your delivery. You finally had it over this track and somebody singing the hook. If you keep this up you will win homie real talk….

  • brandon davis

    this shit ass


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