VLAD TV | Money Bagz Recalls Big Kannon Battle & Being Stabbed

Team Homi member T-Money Bagz stopped by our VladTV offices recently for an exclusive interview with Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes. Money Bagz began by addressing his most recent battle vs Big Kannon at the first ever Rare Breed Entertainment (RBE) battle event, which was put together by ARP. Money Bagz and Kannon put up a great lyrical fight that he considers to be a “classic,” and most of the fans who watched it have expressed the same opinion. He went on to talk about his top five battles and who he’d like to battle in the future, among other things, before recalling how he was stabbed over 20 times.

Money Bagz concluded by talking about his musical aspirations and shared details for his fans regarding what kind of artist he considers himself to be.

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  • ohgod

    stupid camera angle.

  • G0ldMember

    why his two front teeth to the side and that vampire tooth in the front?

    • ADC

      inthe hood there’s a lot of chipped teeth and scars.if you don’t know you don’t wanna know. trust me.

      • brian

        my nigga. keep it 100. dat nigga just got fucked up teeth. point blank

  • Sammy Nelms Jr

    i fucks with moneybagz


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