VLAD TV | Norbes: Neither Hitman Nor Surf Can Afford to Lose

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In this clip from his exclusive interview with VladTV, Norbes chopped it up with Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes about the upcoming clash between Hitman Holla vs. Tsu Surf on Summer Madness 4.

Norbes is most excited to see this clash out of all of the others on this card which is stacked with highly talented lyrical combatants.  Norbes described both Hitman and Surf as being two of the most arrogant people he’s ever met, in regards to their strong belief in their own abilities, and that neither of them can afford to lose this match.  Norbes thinks that this battle has so much riding behind it that neither of them will be able to sleep if they lose.  This battle is the headline of Summer Madness 4, and Norbes strongly believes that it will definitely live up to the intense hype behind it.

Who do you think will win?”

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