VLAD TV | Norbes: The World Stops When Smack/URL Drops a Battle

Norbes  The World Stops When Smack URL Drops a Battle   YouTube

Norbes discussed the impact that Summer Madness 4 has had on the Battle Rap culture in this clip from his exclusive interview with VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes.

Norbes explained why the positive feedback that Smack/URL has already received for SM4 proves the belief that battles count much more on that league than any other in the world. He mentioned how Tsu Surf vs. Hitman Holla has already reached over a million views, and how Charlie Clips provided one of the most impactful rounds in the history of the sport. Norbes strongly believes that “the world stops” when Smack/URL releases a battle.

Do you think Smack/URL has as powerful an impact on the sport of Battle Rap as Norbes believes it does?

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