VLAD TV | Rap Grid 2015 Cypher – AMiAM, JBiz, MyVerse, Drect & Jonny Storm

Rap Grid 2015 Cypher   AMiAM  JBiz  MyVerse  Drect   Jonny Storm   YouTube

Rap Grid kicks off its 2015 cypher series in Orlando (aka Ozone) with verses from local legends and internationally known battle rappers.

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  • Respect

    Proud of you Smack you and Mook started a new culture thats allowing you to get money and keep the Smack brand alive without the Dvds. And also allowing other dudes to eat and get some fame because lets be honest without you and Mook these guys would be bums.

    • Intelligence.

      Hey Mook, what’s up?

  • flipper773

    Might be coming out for this event. Def not the best card thou com’on. Dope card thou

  • Magicred21

    Best card as far as niggas who goin night in and night and give the fans what they wanna see conceited you wanna see punches hitman you wanna see performance surf you want that raw aggression hollow who is unpredictable ect..

  • guest1

    smack aint building a culture. hes a CLUB promoter.makes his money on tickets sales. yall niggas suckers keep getting smack rich


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