VLAD TV | Smack: Tay Roc Definitely Put in That Work at SM4

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“VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes caught up with Smack White following the conclusion of Summer Madness 4 for an exclusive interview.

Smack believes that the event went “very well,” and that he and his URL staff completed the objective of providing the fans with a variety of memorable battles. His personal favorite out of the stacked card was the highly anticipated clash between top dogs, DNA vs. Tay Roc. At N.O.M.E. 4, DNA shut Smack down by defeating one of his favorites, Ill Will. Unfortunately for DNA, things didn’t go according to plan this time around as Tay Roc was an unstoppable force in their SM4 clash.

Smack believes that Tay Roc lived up to his expectations and redeemed him for N.O.M.E. 4. Let it be known that Smack is very cool with DNA and his comments on the battle were made strictly in a jokingly competitive way. Smack also gave praise to T-Rex for managing to battle Charlie Clips while having to deal with a death in the family earlier that day.

Following Smack’s interview with Hughes, he introduced his associates, the OBP (Official Bottle Poppers) crew, and got them to share a brief recap of their favorite moments from SM4. The interviews from Hughes then continued with Teddy Grizzle. For those who don’t know, he is the man behind the upcoming Smack/URL “Duel In The Desert” event which is taking place on Saturday, October 4th, in Pheonix, Arizona. Teddy broke down the matchups featured on the card, and also shared his thoughts on the growth of the Battle Rap culture, the experience of going to SM4 for his first ever Battle Rap event, and keeping the momentum going strong just one week after Summer Madness 4.”

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