VLAD TV | Taxstone on Charlamagne vs. Cash Money: Who’s Afraid of Rappers?

Taxstone on Charlamagne vs. Cash Money  Who s Afraid of Rappers    YouTube

Brooklyn podcast host Taxstone didn’t find the bout between Charlamagne and Cash Money to be that entertaining – had it been him he claims the situation would have played out differently. “How could you be mad at somebody for their opinion?” Tax asked, lessening it to another case of rappers trying to “fight you to be their fans.”

Taxstone also believes you should never be scared of a man (or woman) who “put words together for a living.” “Why are you afraid of this poet? Why are you afraid of this person that reads the thesaurus and looks for words and clever words to say in his records and clever IG captions. Why?”

Hear more of Tax’s thoughts on the situation in general during our latest clip.

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